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Moon [and] New Moon


yārēach [and] chōḏeš


As God made “the sun to rule by day,” He likewise made “the moon [yārēach, H3394] and stars to rule by night” (Psa_136:8-9; cf. Gen_1:14-18; Jer_31:35). That latter picture took on a more practical application in the Near East than it does in the West. Its especially great brilliance in that part of the world, aided further by the reflective quality of the sands there, enabled people to carry on many tasks at night; a full moon, in fact, even allowed people to travel.


Because the Hebrew calendar is a lunar one, the chief application of the moon’s movement was the marking out of time in the monthly cycle, that is, the seasons (Psa_104:19). Added to this was the term new moon, chōḏeš (H2320), which…

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